beach dawgs

We’re at the beach this week riding it out to see if Hurricane Joaquin makes a move towards the coast. If so, we’re hightailing it outta here before we get trapped by flood waters. We knew when we came that the weather would be iffy, if not totally rainy all week, so we planned ahead and brought plenty of movies, books, and even a sewing machine that I’m teaching myself how to use!

Much to our surprise, we lucked out with two beautiful days and let me tell you: the dogs love it here! There’s something about seeing your pups romp around, tongue out, tail wagging in the water that really warms the heart. They are just so happy. Miller, I think, is convinced she was born to herd fish, not sheep. Fearless, that one. She’d swim for days if you let her. Decker, however, is unsure enough for both of them.  The ocean must be a pretty peculiar thing for a dog that’s never seen open water or waves. On the first day, she’d run up to a wave, bark, and then JUMP BACK! the second before the waves touched her feet. After a few days, she now cautiously ventures to her shoulders, still unaware that she can swim. #progress.

It’s POURING rain today. Any good book recommendations for the rest of the trip? I just finished Harry Potter #2 (I’m reading all the HPs for the first time) and am about to start All the Light We Cannot See.

PS: how is it already October?



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