I decided recently that I need to start collecting something. As far as I remember, I wasn’t a kid that was always collecting things. No rocks, no trolls with gem belly buttons, no baseball cards, and only a handful of pogs (do ya’ll remember those things?!).  I did, however, have an embarrassing amount of Beanie Babies.  I’m convinced that if I sold each one for a dollar, I could pay our rent in DC….for a week, which is actually saying quite a lot.  As I get older, though, I’m starting to appreciate the idea of collecting something.  It’s pretty exciting to always be on the hunt for that one thing to add to your collection. You’re never quite finished and you’ll find it when you least expect it.  And maybe it’s okay to splurge a little when you find another thing to add. I’ve decided for me it’s going to be vintage copper pots and pans. They’re timeless, a little difficult to find (but not impossible), and they’ll be something that I can pass down to my children and to their children. And, maybe if I’m lucky they’ll continue to increase in value. One day I’ll have a kitchen full, oh yes I will. Do ya’ll collect anything? I’d love to know!

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 3.51.25 PM
Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 4.35.09 PM
Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 3.53.07 PM

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