the kivik

I’m sure this isn’t news to anyone, but moving is hard work. Last Friday night we¬† packed a 14 foot uhaul full of our things. Ben left Raleigh with the the uhaul around 5am the next morning, and my mom and I followed in my car. With the help of Ben’s brother (thank goodness), we unloaded our boxes into and piled them high into the new apartment. We saved our couch for last and quickly realized that it wouldn’t fit through the door.

Two hours, more than a few beers, a trip to the hardware store, and plenty of sweat later, we gave up the fight. We took the door off the frame and the legs off the couch and it wouldn’t budge. Luckily, Ben’s parents live right outside of DC and graciously let us store it in their garage until we can figure out what to do with it (anyone need a couch?). We determined that the only couch going through the small door was one that was disassembled. The only place I know where to find a disassembled couch in boxes is Ikea, so off we went. After much deliberation and cushion/nap testing, we settled on the Kivik. I loved the shape, it’s comfortable, and it didn’t cost a fortune which means I’ll feel less guilty if we decide it doesn’t work for us in a couple of years. Here’s my plan for our newest furniture addition:


couch // coffee table // pillows // garden stool // pharmacy lamp // throw // and obviously our home wouldn’t be complete without two large dogs


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