One of my most favorite bloggers, Amber, posted an article today that really hit home for me – “12 things you think you need in your life, but are only holding you back.” I could write for days about how each of the 12 applies, but #3 seems the most applicable to me at this very moment.

On the list of things I think I need but don’t, number 3 is:
Clothing you don’t wear, books you don’t touch, furniture that serves no purpose, clutter that fills a void.

Because we’re moving from a 1,400 square foot house with an attic and basement to a 650 square foot apartment, we have had to purge about 2/3rds of everything we own – seriously. And while the thought of getting rid of so much made me anxious and panicky, the process and outcome have been remarkably liberating.

I am certainly one of those people that holds onto things because of “potential” circumstances and “what if” situations. I also assign sentimental feelings to ridiculous objects that allow me to justify keeping them. (Am i sounding like a hoarder yet??) Here’s an example: I had somehow over the years acquired a waffle maker from my mom. It was a waffle maker we had at my house as a kid and despite NEVER having made a single waffle in the almost 3 years that Ben and I have been together, I had trouble parting with it.

I’ve really had to step back and figure out what our necessities are and how we can live more simply in a much smaller space. One of our packing rules was to ask ourselves, “If this went missing, would I notice within 6 months?” If the answer was “no” or “probably not”, it was donated.

We already feel lighter and we’re excited to enjoy the things we truly love without the extra weight and clutter.

Does anyone else have a similar problem? Or are you really good at purging and living simply? Share share! I need your advice!


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