yard sale.

If you missed the post from Tuesday, here’s what you should know:

1. We are moving to DC.
2. We are very excited!
3.We are downsizing from 1400 square feet (plus an attic and basement) to 650 square feet.
4. We have A LOT of stuff to get rid of.

We have a yard sale planned for Saturday, but the weather doesn’t look promising.  The yard sale pile is about 96% crap with a few cool things mixed in probably. Ben specifically requested that I mention that there will be beer brewing equipment available (ain’t nowhere to brew beer in 650 sq ft). Also available are lots of kitchen goods, books, some housewares, decorative objects, a few pieces of furniture, and maybe a dog or two depending on their behavior that day.

Keep your fingers crossed for no rain. Because this crap has got to go like yesterday. I’ll keep you posted (because I’m not just going to list my address on the interwebs for all the crazies to see if it’s going to be rained out).

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