i’ve been keeping a secret…

If your first thought was that I’ve been hiding a pregnancy, you’ll be disappointed (or thrilled. right, mom?). First let me say that I’m deeply sorry for the lack of posts recently. I’d venture to guess that a lot of couples get to spend a few weeks relaxing after their weddings and enjoying newlywed bliss.  We’ve got the bliss part covered, but there has certainly been no time for relaxing. Why, you ask? Because we’ve been sorting, trashing, boxing, and packing for our MOVE TO WASHINGTON, DC. <<probably feels like a let down if you thought I was pregnant, huh?

My job announced my departure yesterday, so I can officially shout it from the rooftops. We have to be out of our Raleigh house on August 15th, so as of the 16th I’ll be a DC resident. We’ve (fingers crossed) found an apartment – a beautiful one in a lovely neighborhood that is even okay with our two large dogs. Needle in a haystack doesn’t even begin to describe it. For those familiar with DC, it’s right on the border of Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights. The one downfall: it’s a whopping 650 square feet.  Our current house is 1400 plus an attic and basement. We really only have space to take the basics (Yard Sale on Saturday for the Raleigh peeps – more details tomorrow).

We couldn’t be more excited about this move! It’s a brand new adventure for us and is already making our first year of marriage so exciting! If you watch Scandal you should know that’s basically how I’m picturing our time in DC. No presidential affairs (I’ll stick with Ben), but definitely expensive clothes, important meetings to attend, and a coffee in hand always. I’ll keep dreaming, and in the meantime, if you have any DC suggestions, send them my way!



  1. Meghan says:

    Hi!! So in an effort to to sound stalkerish, I think we went to high school together and became Facebook friends. Then I got on Instagram and love your photos! Well anyways I just found your blog and I love it! I relate so much…I just got married in May, immediately moved to DC post honeymoon to join my husband and am trying to blog (work wear for tall girls). Anyways, wanted to let you know!

    • matney says:

      Hi Meghan! Yes, we did go to high school together and your blog is amazing! How are you liking DC? We’re actually moving soon, which is such a bummer. We’ve loved it here, but we’re excited for our next adventure! Congratulations on your new marriage!

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