a few things.

1. take a quick glance to the right of your screen and scroll up or down if you need to.  See that?! You can officially follow this here blog. All it really means is that you’ll get an email everytime I post. really great if you don’t want to remember to go and check the site everyday. (which I know you’re all doing since you’re desperate for my posts).

2. the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started today! (It actually started a couple of days ago for cardholders). If you’re not a cardholder, get excited because they’ve got some really great things. I’ve got my eye on this North Face jacket. Ben jokes that I have about a 3 degree comfort window. Anything outside of 82-85 degrees is either way too hot or way too cold. So, laugh all you want, but I will wear this coat proudly and warmly in Raleigh, NC. Even if I look like the Michelin man.

michelin man

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