roll call


those are my peeps. and i have no doubt that if dogs could read, m & d would be my next two followers.

note to self: teach dogs to read.

first three pics by Tesar Photography. last pic by my iphone.

if i don’t know you, introduce yo’self in the comments!



  1. Alex says:

    Hi Matney! Your blog is adorable and I thought I would introduce myself since I follow you on Instagram too! I’m Alex and I’m also a huge dog/animal/ pretty much anything that walks on all 4’s lover… And I really love interior design. I have 4 rescue dogs. Can’t wait to read up more on the whole30 challenge and maybe convince myself to do it! Nice to meet ya!

    • matney says:

      Hey Alex! So nice to meet you! Thanks so much for following along! sounds like we have a lot in common between the rescue dogs and interior design! Let me know if you need some Whole30 motivation! happy to help! -M

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